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  • Height:
    5 ft. 2 in.
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  • Education:
    Some College
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    Self Employed
  • Has Kids:
    Yes, over 18


I'm easy going, happy, and laugh and smile a lot... still a kid at heart, and (consider yourself warned) sometimes dance and sing (off-key) in the kitchen.
I'm not much of a consumer, and I'm not interested in more "stuff" just for the sake of it. I'm intelligent and keep myself well informed of local, provincial and international news. I don't watch TV.

I love animals and nature - feed the birds, leave water out for any critter who might need it and do some animal rescue work (especially local feral cats/kittens).
I'm fit and healthy and walk at least 5 km a day - usually with my dog. I still work part time at a job I love, but always take a three or four day weekend.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a good-natured guy who enjoys spending time outside (walking beside the ocean .. in the forest .. gardening .. birdwatching .. people watching ... just being outside).
He'll have a quick, dry sense of humour, likes to laugh and enjoys spending time together in the kitchen creating simple but memorable meals (perhaps dancing and singing off-key too).
Hopefully he also enjoys visiting Farmers' Markets, Antique Stores, Museums, Garage Sales (sometimes) and the occasional night out at the theatre.
Hopefully too he has his own interests that he continues to spend time on .. I enjoy being in a committed relationship, but it's important to me that both partners continue to be their own independent selves.

At this point I am not looking for a live-in relationship. I would really enjoy spending time with a special person to begin with, and perhaps, later on, a live-in relationship. I need to find the right guy first though!
I'm not big on travelling anymore. I enjoy my Canadian winters - love my wood stove - and the long, dark, cosy evenings spent with some good books.

AND FINALLY ... If you love a double scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone, or a fish and chip take-out supper every so often, so much the better! You're my kind of guy!

Why not drop me a line if you are interested?