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I love being a Mother, a student, and a good friend and family member!! I enjoy hiking, shootin pool, and I like firearms....lol My biggest pet pieve is Drama... I hate all Drama.... I love it when no one runs their mouth and everyone is just straight up.... I say whats on my mind and dont care who likes it.... I am always just ME!!!!!!
Music: I love all kinds of Music, everything from the Blues, Country, Old Rock to R&B
TV: True Blood, Supernatural, and Charmed..... my top 3!!
Books: This is all I ask By: Lynn Kurland The Twilight Series... and all Dean Koonts novels..... also love to read books by Steven King and James Patterson
Sports: COLLEGE FOOTBALL-- I'm a Die Hard FLORIDA GATORS FAN!!!! I also like all Florida teams.... I'm true to my home state!!! I also like Notre Dame.... though they don't do well......lol
Interests: My 2 children are my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movies: Love Tyler Perry movies, Adam Sandler movies, and Johnny Depp movies.... I'm a big fan of all movies though........
BestFeatures: My Eyes!!!!
Dreams: To have my own Private Investigation Business... A nice house on the outskirts of town, or in the country.... And to raise my children to be Good, Strong, Independent Adults!!!!!

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