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and downs but that's life I live life day by day person by person I am the type of person who of course will judge you from just looking at you, but will always give you a chance. I have learned that honesty IS the best policy. The people in your life should be there because you want them there, not because you need them. I do only have a handful of real friends, but i would rather only have a few good friends than a few who really arn't friends at all. The people that i do chose to have in my life are the most phenomenal people you will ever meet. I am single, and truley looking for that special someone. I really want someone who i going to be equal to me and want the same things i want, i really don't have time for games or men just looking for one thing,ass, i am deff. not the girl to come to for that. So if you want to get to know me cool but if not please stay out of my life i really do not have time for your pity nor for me to pity you. NO LONGER LOOKING FOR A BLACK KEN I HAVE COME TO REALIZE MEN ARE MEN REGARDLESS OF RACE. JUST NEED A KEN :(
College: Elgin Community College
Sports: Pittsburgh, all the way baby you gotta rep your hood.
Movies: Breakfast Club :)
BestFeatures: Im Monika my life has changed dramatically and I am not the person everyone thinks of me as and to be honest never was I have grown in ways only a handful of people will ever really know My life now consists of my beautiful daughter, she is number one and always will be. I have an amazing life of course there are ups

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