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i am a single mother of a 17 year old son. i am fun and i love to have fun! i am real silly!! i laugh all the time. my friends say i dont know how to be sad..i do sometimes though..lol i dont lie at all about anything. my motto is " IF U CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH THEN DON'T ASK!!!" i live by that to the fullest! i luv to read and i luv to work. i hate liars and i will not talk to liars. i really don't hang with females cuz females will always get shisty on u over a dude! i am not a one nighter. so fellas if that is what ur looking for u can just skip over my page. i never been that type of gurl nor will i ever be that type of gurl! just all in all i luv to have fun and live life to the fullest!!! i have no regrets in life!! so if u want to know more about me hit me up!! one more thing before u decide to hit me up that u should know about me is that i am a thick gurl and if u dont like thick gurls then keep it movin!!!!!
HighSchool: Williamsport Area High School
Music: i luv all music but i luv me some LIL WAYNE!!!! :)
TV: ii like NCIS..luve me some Gibbs, Law and Order SVU, family guy and spongebob...lol
Books: nicholas sparks..any book by him and the twilight series..luv it
Sports: don't really know much about them..
Interests: i luv to have fun and read. i like to be alone in quiet places, but i also like to have fun. i am not boring and i will try just about anything once. i live life to the fullest cuz ur never promised tomorrow!!!
Movies: i am in luv with luv stories...lol my 3 favorite movies are: the notebook, twilight and love & basketball. i like scarey movies and action also but i really don't have any favorites when it comes to them.
MyBestFeatures: my honesty and my love!!!!!! i also think my eyes!!!
BestFeatures: i am a very nice, honest and trusting person. i am silly az hell and i luv to laugh! when i luv i luv with everything in me. i don't lie cuz i feel like this: (if u have to lie then u have no business opening ur mouth!!!!) people say my best feature physically is my eyes!! do u agree?
Dreams: i dream that oneday i will be happily married to the man of my dreams!!!

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